Would you like to add a Chocolate Vizsla to your pack?

Are you able to help?

Ok, my heart is breaking for this gal I met through a message board who has to give up her Vizsla/Chocolate Lab mix in the next few days. I told her I would put a shout out for a rescue or foster angel for her. Her name is Sage.

Sage loves people and being with people and it is breaking Karen’s heart that she may have to turn her in to the Humane Society and is worried that being in an environment like that even a short period of time might break Sage’s spirit.

Can you help? Even if you aren’t from Indianapolis, we may be able to arrange temporary housing for her while we work out transport.

If you would like to read the post that started this or are interested, please follow the link below… PetPalsTV.com

Too cute!

This could so easily be a picture of one of mine, only chocolate!

While I’m no fan of irresponsible backyard breeders or owners that let their dogs roam and impregnate at will; it’s not the puppy’s fault.
Saying a little prayer for Sage today.

If you do choose to buy a Vizsla, please only deal with responsible breeders whose only intention is to improve the breed and who will support you with your puppy and dog throughout it’s life. Thank you Durite Vizslas!


About Angela of UnderstandingVizslas.com

Like my husband Scott, I have many interests. I have grown into the role of being a pack leader of three Vizslas: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu. The picture on my Gravatar is of Daisy, our second Vizsla-- the girl who changed everything.

I supported and encouraged my husband in the creation of a Vizsla DVD for potential and current Vizsla owners because it breaks my heart when a family feels they have to give up a dog because they were not prepared for the commitment.

One real life example of this struck me in a personal way. An old acquaintance told us about giving up her Vizsla when she had children. She fawned over our dogs and seemed kind of sad. Her dog had fortunately found a good home; but I wondered if she were better prepared and really understood what it was like to own Vizslas before getting one-- if the outcome would have been different.

Our hope is that others can learn and benefit from our experiences. And... we can just have some fun together!
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3 Responses to Would you like to add a Chocolate Vizsla to your pack?

  1. Ok, Carrie of Durite says she doesn’t think it’s a Vizsla from the photos. The owner Karen, says she acts very much like a Vizsla. Either way, Sage is a cutie and she sounds like she would be a great pet and fit right in with a Vizsla or two.

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