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Like my husband Scott, I have many interests. I have grown into the role of being a pack leader of three Vizslas: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu. The picture on my Gravatar is of Daisy, our second Vizsla-- the girl who changed everything.

I supported and encouraged my husband in the creation of a Vizsla DVD for potential and current Vizsla owners because it breaks my heart when a family feels they have to give up a dog because they were not prepared for the commitment.

One real life example of this struck me in a personal way. An old acquaintance told us about giving up her Vizsla when she had children. She fawned over our dogs and seemed kind of sad. Her dog had fortunately found a good home; but I wondered if she were better prepared and really understood what it was like to own Vizslas before getting one-- if the outcome would have been different.

Our hope is that others can learn and benefit from our experiences. And... we can just have some fun together!

8 Vizsla Rescues to Be Placed

Found out on Facebook that 8 #Vizsla rescues are coming though Ohio Vizsla Club. One of them is Luke, who is being fostered by a FB friend in Bloomington. Go Hoosiers! Here’s his cute mug and a link to describe … Continue reading

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In memorial

Rosco and Daisy’s #Vizsla dad passed yesterday. Been a little down. Mike, Carrie, and their girls are more than just excellent dog breeders. They are our dear friends. Duke was a field trial champion and just an awesome companion. There … Continue reading

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Vizslas rescued from Puppy Mill. WHY we need a responsible community.

Hi all, #Vizsla, #Vizslas Someone posted the following on Facebook. We highly encourage people to purchase only from responsible breeders who are furthering the breed. It’s part of the reason we started this site. We’ve recently gotten involved in Vizsla … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Vizsla may need a new home.

I received some more information on this Vizsla (2nd hand as the owner has yet to contact me). I’ve been told the following (I’m assuming it’s true): Pure bred Female (spayed) 1 ½ years old Very intelligent (has been trained) … Continue reading

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Rosco’s Doggie Paddle @the Pool Party

1 out of our 3 #Vizslas really enjoys swimming in the public pool. Well, Daisy and LuLu chilled at home and Rosco made himself right at home at this year’s PAWS pool party. Scott had opportunity to compose a new … Continue reading

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Smart puppy. : )

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Lawn Care and Pet (and People) Health

Seems like summer popped up early this year! We switched to an organic (compost tea) lawn service at our old house after our dogs were getting sick (vomit and the poops). I am not sure what they were using, but … Continue reading

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If you have been following Vizsla Fun on Facebook, you know that Ashley Beech Reid kindly painted our male Vizsla, Rosco. Scott made this video about it. We hope it puts a smile on Ashley’s face as we smile at … Continue reading

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We #Vizsla a Merry Christmas!

  Couldn’t resist these puppies as a blast from our past. It’s hard to believe 2010 is almost over! We haven’t done Christmas cards in a few years and I remembered this photo this morning and thought I would share … Continue reading


Would you like to add a Chocolate Vizsla to your pack?

Ok, my heart is breaking for this gal I met through a message board who has to give up her Vizsla/Chocolate Lab mix in the next few days. I told her I would put a shout out for a rescue … Continue reading