Wordless Wednesday: Food? Did you say food?



About Scott of UnderstandingVizslas.com

I have many varied interests. My background is in business, accounting, real estate and entrepreneurship. My wife Angela says at heart I am an entrepreneur and coach. I own three Vizslas: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu. The picture on my Gravatar is Rosco, our oldest.

Realizing the transition to Vizsla ownership was not an easy one for myself and my wife, I decided to create a Vizsla DVD to help educate potential and current Vizsla owners on tips, tricks, and techniques that work well with our dogs.

I look forward to the day when no Vizsla puppies or adult dogs have to be rescued or given up because people did not have the resources to handle this highly energetic breed.
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3 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Food? Did you say food?

  1. dogear6 says:

    Have you ever noticed how the Vizsla sudden onset deafness can be cured so quickly when food is involved? Ha ha ha ha!!

    Now a beagle doesn’t need to have food offered. He can hear you THINKING about offering food. That little chubby butt moves quickly if there’s any possibility he’s missing a treat.


    • Too funny! A friend of ours mentioned that they heard that when hunting dogs are “hunting” they physically don’t hear and are in “the zone”…I’d love to believe it and I actually think it’s probably true (at least that’s what makes me feel less frustrated when they don’t listen 🙂 However, it’s interesting that they come running into the house when I clink their food dishes together…works EVERY time! 🙂 They eat at 6 AM and 6 PM, needless to say, they are not a fan of daylight savings in the fall!
      Sounds like your beagle has ESP! 😉

      • dogear6 says:

        There are days I think the beagle is telepathic. I just think it and he shows up. I suspect I’m signaling something, but in 10 years haven’t figured it out.

        I can believe when a Vizsla (like the Labs) are hunting, they tune everything else out. In my household, sudden onset deafness tends to happen when I want someone to go lay down or come in from the yard. What? Huh? I didn’t hear you!! But yeah, just clink those food dishes and see how fast they come.

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