We #Vizsla a Merry Christmas!


What's the command for "hold still and smile for the camera"? Oh, nevermind.

Couldn’t resist these puppies as a blast from our past. It’s hard to believe 2010 is almost over! We haven’t done Christmas cards in a few years and I remembered this photo this morning and thought I would share a little holiday cheer.

It’s been a big year for us. We learned to tweet, kind of, and facebook. We put out our first Vizsla related DVD and have other projects in the hopper. Lulu grew into a real part of our little pack family. I think finally somewhat to Daisy’s dismay (at times), she realizes LuLu isn’t just here for a sleepover.

2010, let’s see, we went through a somewhat stressful few days to see about getting what we thought was a vizsla rescued. (She wasn’t and someone adopted her in the nick of time!) We placed a chocolate vizsla mix (Sage) in a new home. Think she’s become a part of the new fam just fine. : )

I think my favorite part of our Vizsla life in 2010 was visiting our new Facebook friend, Ashley Beech Reid,  and seeing her terrific portraits (and of course meeting Sayge). Not to be confused with the chocolate Sage.

To think that this all started off with a discussion when my husband and I were dating back around this time in ’03… he wanted a (singular) Weim and to name it Sage, both of us Wegman fans.

Some research, some lessons learned, their velcroness and need for companionship and this morning I’ve got three brown balls of energy waking me up for Christmas (Eve) morning. (And several times during the night– maybe they were excited for the holiday? Did I say waking me up? I meant pawing, play growling, and cuddling, nuzzling, and stepping on. It’s a wonderful life.)

: )  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
Scott, Angela, Rosco, Daisy, & little LuLu

About Angela of UnderstandingVizslas.com

Like my husband Scott, I have many interests. I have grown into the role of being a pack leader of three Vizslas: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu. The picture on my Gravatar is of Daisy, our second Vizsla-- the girl who changed everything.

I supported and encouraged my husband in the creation of a Vizsla DVD for potential and current Vizsla owners because it breaks my heart when a family feels they have to give up a dog because they were not prepared for the commitment.

One real life example of this struck me in a personal way. An old acquaintance told us about giving up her Vizsla when she had children. She fawned over our dogs and seemed kind of sad. Her dog had fortunately found a good home; but I wondered if she were better prepared and really understood what it was like to own Vizslas before getting one-- if the outcome would have been different.

Our hope is that others can learn and benefit from our experiences. And... we can just have some fun together!
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2 Responses to We #Vizsla a Merry Christmas!

  1. AmandaD says:

    Aww…adorable picture! What a great year- merry Christmas to you and your pack 🙂

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