Why did the crawdad cross the road…

To get away from the VERY curious Vizslas!

I took these photos with my camera phone (no you don’t need to check your vision…they are blurry :-)). This little guy walked out on the sidewalk in front of our neighbor’s house as we were starting our morning walk. Of course the dogs went nuts. This was the first time they’ve seen a crawdad…it’s really neat to see their reaction to new things.
Holding Rosco, Daisy, & Lulu in one hand is a task; let alone taking a picture with the other hand! I think Rosco thought the crawdad would make a good pre-breakfast, but in the end the crawdad made it into the retention pond unscathed. 🙂

Vizsla Crawdad

Whisker trimming anyone?

Vizsla Crawdad 2

Yum…breakfast. What is it again?


About Scott of UnderstandingVizslas.com

I have many varied interests. My background is in business, accounting, real estate and entrepreneurship. My wife Angela says at heart I am an entrepreneur and coach. I own three Vizslas: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu. The picture on my Gravatar is Rosco, our oldest.

Realizing the transition to Vizsla ownership was not an easy one for myself and my wife, I decided to create a Vizsla DVD to help educate potential and current Vizsla owners on tips, tricks, and techniques that work well with our dogs.

I look forward to the day when no Vizsla puppies or adult dogs have to be rescued or given up because people did not have the resources to handle this highly energetic breed.
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2 Responses to Why did the crawdad cross the road…

  1. AmandaD says:

    Just added you to the Vizsla BlogRoll & to my feed reader…


    Love the pack!

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