Vizsla DVD on Amazon Part Deux…

Just checked our Amazon page and we’re now on a “notify when available status” where you can sign up to be emailed when they get more. They took the price off, too. Learning curve for us.

I just drove to the post to send them more. Just thinking, much greener if someone wants to order direct and we will ship for free and you don’t have to make your purchase over $25. Same price as on Amazon. We use Paypal checkout.

I heart Amazon, just haven’t experienced the seller side before. Newbie.

We ARE back-blogged and these dogs keep us busy. I did manage to whip out the video camera today and get footage of the clean up crew after I dropped my whole bag of Crunchies on the floor. They were quite meticulous and fun to watch and it took the edge off losing my snack. Maybe Scott will have fun putting that one together for YouTube.

Gotta go, Rosco needs some cuddling. : )


About Angela of

Like my husband Scott, I have many interests. I have grown into the role of being a pack leader of three Vizslas: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu. The picture on my Gravatar is of Daisy, our second Vizsla-- the girl who changed everything.

I supported and encouraged my husband in the creation of a Vizsla DVD for potential and current Vizsla owners because it breaks my heart when a family feels they have to give up a dog because they were not prepared for the commitment.

One real life example of this struck me in a personal way. An old acquaintance told us about giving up her Vizsla when she had children. She fawned over our dogs and seemed kind of sad. Her dog had fortunately found a good home; but I wondered if she were better prepared and really understood what it was like to own Vizslas before getting one-- if the outcome would have been different.

Our hope is that others can learn and benefit from our experiences. And... we can just have some fun together!
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One Response to Vizsla DVD on Amazon Part Deux…

  1. Well, maybe I should read my husband’s post. Looks like he already mentioned it was on our website. Doh!

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